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Workshop for project launching

General presentation of the KBS-Weld project: objective, target group, activities, expected results
(Dr. eng. Alin Constantin MURARIU - Senior researcher, CS I, Project Manager)
Efficiency of production technologies using cloud computing technology. Perspectives of robotic welding in Romania
(Dipl. eng. Radu Ovidiu ZAPOROJAN - Administrator of S.C. SAM ROBITICS SRL)
Considerations on the correlation between the GMAW welding parameters of the steels and the mechanical characteristics of the joints made
(Dr. eng. Victor VERBIŢCHI - Senior researcher, CS II)
Cognitive processing of experimental data based on statistical interference
(Fiz. eng. Sandu CRÂSTEŢI - Senior researcher, CS III)
ISIM Timişoara - research and development, innovations and technological transfer competencies
(Dr. eng. Aurel Valentin BÎRDEANU - Director of the Technological Transfer Centre - CENTA)
Qualification of steel arc welding procedures. Particularities of the new standard EN ISO 15614-1:2017
(Dipl. eng. Marius OPROIU - Head of personnel certification body for welding and non-destructive testing - ISIM CERT END).

Workshop for dissemination of the project results

KBS-Weld Project Presentation
(Alberto González Cuetos)
Prediction of imperfections and mechanical properties in the GMAW process
(Alin Constantin Murariu; Aurel Valentin Bîrdeanu; Radu Ovidiu Zaporojan)

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