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About the project


Project full title : Knowledge-based System for Welded Structures and Technologies

Project acronym: KBS-Weld

Topics: Knowledge-based engineering, information and communication technologies for manufacturing

Total project costs: 444,000 €

Total requested funding: 381,250 €

Project duration: 24 months (March 2018 - February 2020)

Project abstract

Welding is an essential manufacturing process performed in almost every major industry. Therefore, weld quality and integrity are critical to safety in an extensive range of products and structures.

The KBS-Weld project aims to develop a knowledge-based system functioning as a computational support for the planning of the welding process, allowing the end-users to choose the best combination of welding materials, welding technologies and welding parameters to produce a welded structure with the required properties.

Being designed to reduce the lead-time and the direct influence of the human factor in the welding processes, as well as to increase the credibility of the results, this system will address some of the main needs of the SMEs involved in the manufacturing activities specific for the domain of interest that are highly demanding and with long term significant consequences on product's quality and safety.