KBS-Weld > Workshop for dissemination of the project results, 28th of November 2019

KBS-Weld - Workshop for dissemination of the project results

28th of November 2019

On 28 November 2019, Izertis organized a workshop for dissemination the results of the Cofund MANUNET III, KBS-Weld project entitled: "Knowledge-based system for welded structures and technologies", which took place at Izertis headquarter, Parque Cientifico-Technológico, Zona Intra Avda. del Jardín Botánico 1345, Gijon, Asturias, Spain.

The workshop was attended by 24 participants: welding engineers, software engineers, innovators in digital transformations, as well as representative of SME involved in robot welding.

During the plenary session, were disseminated the activities carried out within the project, obtained results including software platform presentation as well as other important information on the project topic.

The workshop continued with a section "Design Thinking: Customer Value Map", useful for drawing conclusions on how to promote the KBS-Weld project in order to ensure its sustainability.