KBS-Weld > Fifth project meeting, 26th-27th of November 2019

KBS-Weld - Fifth project meeting

26th-27th of November 2019

The fifth project meeting of COFUND-MANUNET III Programme, KBS-Weld project took place on 26th to 27th of November 2019 at Izertis SL, Gij√≥n, Spain. The project partners from Izertis SL (Spain), SAM Robotics SRL (Romania) and ISIM Timisoara (Romania) attended the meeting and the following main topics were discussed:  

  • Activities overview / How the deadlines were met;
  • Discussions on the project work packages / activities;
  • Preparation and arrangements of the workshop for dissemination of the project results in Spain
  • Discussion on the interim report of activities. Chapters review;
  • Actions to be taken and deadlines.