KBS-Weld > Fourth project meeting, 18th of September 2019

KBS-Weld - Fourth project meeting

18th of September 2019

The fourth project meeting of COFUND-MANUNET III Programme, KBS-Weld project took place on 18th of September 2019 at ISIM Timisoara headquarters, 30 Mihai Viteazul Blvd., Timisoara, Romania. The project partners from Izertis SL (Spain), SAM Robotics SRL (Romania) and ISIM Timisoara (Romania) attended the meeting and the following main topics were discussed: 

  • Activities overview / How the deadlines were met;
  • Discussions on the project work packages / activities;
  • Actions to be taken and deadlines.

The project activities carried out by each project partner during the current implementation stage as well as the results obtained were presented.

The discussions were focused on technical aspects (e.g. experimental activities, preparing of the input‑output model for the welding process, the methodology used for prediction algorithm to train the model of predictions).

During the meeting the draft version of the KBS-Weld platform were accessed and tested, thus some aspects of system building and integration and development of the graphical user interfaces (GUI) were clarified.

On the other hand, an important weight was put on the increasing of the project visibility and dissemination of the results obtained. Thus, has been discussed some aspects related to organisation of the project workshop in Spain that will be held on the last week of November 2019.