KBS-Weld > Workshop for project launching, 31st of May 2018

Workshop for project launching

31st of May 2018

On 31 May 2018, the National Research and Development Institute for Welding and Material Testing - ISIM Timisoara organized a workshop for launching of the Cofund MANUNET III, KBS-Weld project entitled: "Knowledge-based system for welded structures and technologies", which took place in the Conference Room of PERLA Hotel, Str. Propotop George Dragomir no. 7-9, Timisoara, Romania.

The workshop was attended by 35 welding specialists from 28 institutions in the country: welding engineers, professors and lecturers, as well as representatives of SMEs producing components, products or welded structures. The event disseminated the activities to be carried out within the project, the results achieved, as well as other important information on the project topic.